Genie Blogs…Groundhog Day!

 ‘Groundhog Day… déjà vu? ‘ groundhog

Did you know? Groundhog Day was originally an American tradition to predict springtime… the Groundhog sometimes known as Whistlepig, wakes from hibernation on February 2nd . If he sees his shadow when leaving the burrow there will be six more weeks of winter, however if there is no shadow, spring is around the corner!

No groundhogs here but 20th March is officially springtime! Brighter, warmer and longer days , a sense of ‘newness’ as the outside world regenerates and often a time for us to embrace some changes ourselves.

Learn how to stop Groundhogging? Spring clean  So with Spring in mind…Groundhog Day!? Do you feel your life is time-looping… not many of us live like Bill Murray in the film Groundhog Day, but being caught up doing the same repetitive actions can cause our wellbeing to plummet.

Do you start a new day with energetic intentions, goals abundant, buzzing with ideas, and then in a moment of distraction or weakness you tell yourself  I WILL DO THIS, WHEN I have more time.. more money… more ‘headspace’…and then your ‘groundhogging’ all over again.

So how do we stop the time- loop?

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten’   Tony Robbins

Starting is the key Incorporate some simple steps to banish the ‘Whistlepigs’ in your life

  1. Embrace the ‘now’…take control. Write down on paper your wish…the GOAL that’s a priority for you! Note: don’t use electronics as it doesn’t have the same liberating effect as pen and paper.

Ask yourself…keep calm pic

  • Why it’s important to you
  • What’s your commitment to achieve
  • What benefits you will gain
  • When are you going to achieve it (time and date)
  • What steps do you need to get from A (now) to B (achieved)
  • What’s your strategy for the ‘blockers and stoppers’ whether that’s people in your life or barriers you use.


  1. Don’t be afraid of failure- get started!…there’s no such thing as failure, only development… stay focused on your goals daily, tenacity will succeed . As Thomas Edison said ‘I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work’.

sun pic

  1. Checkout your mindset… Be happy. Some call it positive mindset… it’s simple but may require focus. Wake each day and think of the good and positive things you have, do and have accomplished. They don’t need to be grand things, just special for you. It’s infectious too- have you ever been in the company of a really upbeat person and started to feel good yourself … spread the happiness!


  1. Beware of ‘crabs in the bucket’ Be confident about your choices, don’t be dissuaded by others, however good their intention. Have you been privy to the ‘crab in the bucket’ scenario?- Someone has a goal (symbolically climbing out of the bucket) however those close to them offer reasons not to do it, albeit good intention (Pulling them back in the bucket). Stay strong and you will get out of the bucket!


  1. Live life as your ‘Authentic self ‘ It’s easy to become unfulfilled, even unhappy by not living our own dreams or values, swept through life via others expectations or vision of their perfect life. Be true to yourself. Like what you like, do the things that make you buzz and be around those that make you happy.

Don’t let Groundhog Day bite at your heals! Leap forward into Spring and see where the journey takes you!

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