Coaching Workshops

Coaching workshop

Future Board your life!…offered in small groups (Groups 6-10 persons)

This is a fun but effective, experiential, personal development workshop. Bringing together all the benefits that coaching can offer to fast track goal setting and accomplishment! Visualisation has been used for years within professional development such as Olympic athletics and Armed forces training to improve performance and ignite motivation…and it certainly does.  Contact us directly to learn more.

Wellbeing Workshops 

-Stress Management- This course has been designed to clarify what stress is, how to manage it personally and in the workplace setting. individuals will learn coping strategies, stress management tools and life skills for mental wellbeing.

Wellbeing– This course has been designed to help improve personal wellbeing at a comfortable pace. Using principles and strategies of the Protective Behaviours Process, it develops key life skills for safety,

To learn more about our Wellbeing and confidence workshops, contact us for an informal chat.