Professional coaching supports someone to bridge the gap between where they are now, to where they would like to be, far more effectively than if they worked alone.

Coaching offers skills for personal development and to enable a resilience for lifes challenges.

Working with Wendy helped me become aware of certain beliefs that had been getting in the way of success. Her calm persona makes it easy to be open about personal thoughts and feelings. I have seen great results already!

International Events Manager, Surrey

Why use a coach instead of a friend or colleague to support you to reach a goal?
  • A coach is trained to really listen to you without interpretation, interruption or judgement allowing you to be your true self and unravel your thoughts in a safe space.
  • A coach will have professional techniques to unpick and unfold what inhibits you or has stopped you getting from A-B so far ,creating opportunity for new solutions.
  • They will be a professional sound board that is confidential and non judgemental. A coach works with YOU…not you as mom or a job title or anything else that maybe has become a label…authentic you!
  • Your goal may have had some longevity in your head. This will have  created emotions and frustrations. Coaching offers the funnel to sift through to the reality and bring back the mojo for your goal.
  • A Coach will make you accountable and challenge you along the journey,  key elements to your coaching relationship.
We understand that people and their aspirations are unique. As your coach, we will work alongside you to offer a supportive and motivated journey to get you to your chosen destination.
  • We use skilled and powerful questioning techniques so you will be clear on what you truly desire and who you are at the core
  • We will assist you  to create practical, realistic and motivational step-by-step action plans to reach your goals
  • We will provide support through any changes or obstacles that may be encountered during our coaching relationship
  • We create tools, techniques and strategies for you to make lasting change and success…lifelong skills!

‘If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten’   Tony Robbins

Contact us for an informal chat to learn about coaching for you.

What we can support through coaching 

  • Confidence at work and/or social space
  • Weight, Health & Wellbeing
  • Career development or transition into Retirement
  • Self-management of life long condition
  • Financial de-clutter
  • Space de-clutter
  • If you are exploring options for Stress Management please see our page on Mindfulness.
Coaching can be achieved anywhere to suit lifestyles and location. We offer online facility such as FaceTime/Skype and face to face meetings.
We also offer Walk and Talk Coaching. These sessions offer an opportunity to create and think clearly away from modern day distractions and can add energy and focus.

Research shows that being outside in nature boosts wellbeing for up to 4 hours after, so win, win!