Mindful Eating

Developing healthy, happy relationships with food and drink

We all need to eat, its our fuel to survive and hopefully a pleasurable, nurturing experience. However research and science show that this relationship can feel broken, triggered through health, emotion or circumstance and our approach to food becomes a negative experience or even a control over our daily living.
Mindful eating connects up the dots between science, nutrition,eating behaviour and our bodys needs. Fostering an awareness of what and how we eat and the experience of eating allows us to be less reactive. Noticing when there is hunger or fullness, our true energy levels and emotional responses to stress on the gut develop a barometer that nurtures mind and body.
1-1 Private sessions
Would you like to improve your food relationship? contact us for an initial informal chat
Group Workshops
Our workshops are for anyone wishing to explore the benefits of this approach. It is not a diet, instead it works on the principles that if we tune into our body and mind,working together as they should we will create a healthier, happier and more enjoyable approach to food.
Our workshops are fun and interactive, but very supportive and informative.

Dates of current workshops will be posted here, so please check in now and then or join our newsletter group so we can keep you updated.