Mindfulness is paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and non judgmentally. Jon KabatZinn

Our minds are our HUB, our steer for all that we do and feel , and yet it is often the last part of our body that we take care of…always assuming it will ride out any storm that hits!  Taking steps to develop skills to support mental wellbeing against life’s unpredictability is a wise choice indeed.
Mindfulness isn’t fluffy or mysterious, but it does take practice. It has been developed through research, using centuries old practice blended with modern day techniques including Mindfulness based Stress Reduction and Cognitive Therapies, accredited by The British Psychological Society and recommended by NICE.
Rigorous medical studies on the practice of Mindfulness including MBSR and MBCT, have now proven to assist in stress reduction, depression and anxiety as well as many other areas of mental wellbeing. It has also been noted to assist with clarity and focus, enhanced creativity, improved quality of sleep, pain reduction, memory enhancement.
In mindfulness we create personal awareness for ‘what’s going on with me right now. This barometer lets us know when our body or mind is NOT OK, preventing burnout and other issues escalating or relapsing. Slowing down and taking notice of how we feel physically and mentally, allows us to tune in honestly with ourselves.
Learning to switch down a gear and ‘take a moment’ means we are not focused on past or future events, just the here and now which allows us to experience a richer, more vibrant and peaceful living.
Wendy is a qualified Mindfulness Teacher and offers the Mindfulness Now eight week programme. She also offers workshops, walks and retreats.