Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision for your workforce

We work with organisations and charities supporting their staff through clinical supervision and supervision, ensuring personal development balanced with wellbeing are integral to their careers. We also work with staff who support women in crisis often refuge or safe house based. These demanding roles, both physically and mentally require a professional mechanism for support to ensure safe and efficient practices continue for the individual and those that they work with. Maintaining or building resilience to manage unpredictable workplace situations.

I find this time valuable to process my thoughts on work and continue to reflect on my professional practice, even if a situation has been negative. Developing new strategies to approach my work has been empowering”

We underpin the organisations principles and practices, working directly with management teams to ensure their values and staff are both supported. For many small organisations, we are able to support their supervision system and personal development programme, where time and opportunity may be limited for in house Managers.    

it is always really refreshing…I can honestly say these sessions have played a role in how well I am managing .  I always take away something positive from our sessions.  My resilience has vastly improved since attending clinical supervision”

We provide a supportive, safe and confidential space for individuals to reflect on their professional practice and responses in their role. Learning from reflection and open exploration in clinical supervision allows for an enhanced personal development which may not be achieved solely from workplace supervision.

These session help support my wellbeing as well as my professional development. They keep me sane and positive… sometimes giving me new energy and enthusiasm for my role”

Personal Development and Wellbeing Coaching in the workplace

As with all our supervision we work in-house with your wellbeing leads, occupational health and management teams to support your existing systems, but offer an enhanced approach through professional coaching.Our offering also encompasses support of stress-management especially for those working in front line trauma.
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