Its been our pleasure to work with you… 


Thank you for all your help clearing my muddied waters. I now feel like I could conquer the world!

NHS Professional-Worcestershire

Honestly you opened my eyes and mind to what I can do. It’s been my brain holding me back and it’s been a lot easier to loose weight than ever before. My mind was not in it as I did not believe that I could do it and just that short time with you put all of those doubts away and made me believe. You are one hell of a coach hunni

Senior Manager-Birmingham

I’m a seventeen-year-old female student who has been struggling with mental health issues that have manifested into obsessive behaviours. I was referred to Wendy for help and advice. She was extremely professional and in a comfortable and informal environment was able to understand my problems and address my needs. She provided me with a range of practical coping mechanisms that I could use and practise on a daily basis and with the aid of relaxation technique. I’m confident that I can deal with the issues causing me anxiety. I would highly recommend Wendy for anyone experiencing similar issues.

Student- Warwickshire


Wendy’s coaching has had a wonderfully positive impact on my life. She is a very warm and empathetic person, which has made it easy for me to talk to her and I know from her insightful feedback, that she is truly listening to everything I say…she has excellent communication skills and intuition. On many occasions she has asked just the right question…led to me learning about myself, my motivation and what I fear.

Wendy behaves as a true professional , she has coached me on sensitive, personal issues as well as professional life. In all areas I have made progress as Wendy’s coaching has helped me appreciate my strengths and leave with a clear plan of action.

I have felt in safe and competent hands and am very grateful for all she has done to empower me to make sound and purposeful decisions in my life. 

Retired-Professional, BBC London

 Wendy’s coaching has been highly motivating to reach my goals quicker… the recent success I have achieved with Wendy would have been difficult to do on my own and I would have found excuses not to do it, as I have in the past…I have enjoyed these sessions and they have made me appreciate that goals are reachable!

Team Leader-Large Service Provider, West Midlands


After my daughter began to experience very specific anxiety issues at 17 I was reluctant to suggest a visit to the G.P. I had a lack of confidence in their ability to have either the time or the specific knowledge/ tools to deal with her issues. After contacting Wendy, she suggested a small course of informal one to one sessions to enable my daughter to speak freely in confidence about how she was feeling. I have no doubt that my daughter felt the sessions to be of great benefit as she was able to navigate a way through her specific issues. She can now move forward self-managing her anxieties having been given the tools to deal with them by Wendy. As a parent it was such a relief to find someone with the professional skills to address my daughters’ issues, which were affecting the quality of her life. I can highly recommend her services to anyone in a similar situation where their child may be struggling with any form of stress or anxiety.

Professional-Public Sector & Mother

Wendy is able to build rapport very easily and this enables her to create a trusting & respectful Coaching environment.
Wendy has Coached me on a number of challenges and by identifying my aims, has helped me to create focus and clarify actions.  Being able to do this has made a significant difference to me both on a personal and professional level.
She is very good at asking thought provoking questions, making you consider things you may not have thought about without her calm and professional Coaching intervention.
I would personally recommend Wendy as a Coach.

Business Development Manager, Conference and Live Events , West Midlands 

The coaching guidance and support I have received from Wendy has been helpful for my career development and confidence. Helping to break down and clarify the steps I needed to realise my goal.

Overall Wendy has helped me find confidence in my own abilities,boosted my motivation to complete each step towards my goal and I am delighted to say I have achieved my professional development goal…promotion!

NHS Professional,West Midlands