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Meet Wendy

Founder of Coachgenie and Wellbeing Through Nature

Wendy Palmer-Grove has always been passionate about her profession… though her love for nature sits equally high on her life agenda too. From a very young age, she would be happiest amongst green spaces…in awe of butterflies,digging around in the earth for worms, cloud watching, climbing trees. At the time it was ‘kids magic’, but the intrigued of the natural world and its cognitive influences grew. Her continued fascination has led to research projects and study into how nature can improve wellbeing, eventually evolving into the aptly named ‘Wellbeing Through Nature’ arm of the business.
Wellbeing coaching, Mindfulness and Tai Chi Qigong are at the heart of her profession with research proven benefits for mental & physical wellbeing. They also provide an avenue for powerful, personal development such as sharper and more creative thinking, memory retention, personal resilience and emotional intelligence.

Personal development through Coaching and Mindfulness is not a new concept, it’s been used for many years in the sports and business industries as a natural intervention to harness the highest abilities of an individual and for that individual to find enhanced  fulfilment in their chosen field.

Wendy runs professional supervision (clinical supervision) for frontline staff working in social/ health care settings and staff teams in education. Her professional training and years of experience in this field enable her to offer a package that supports the environment and challenges of a changing landscape for employment.
She has practised Mindfulness and Tai Chi for over 30 years combined. ‘It is impossible to Teacher these arts if you are not a practitioner’. She is a clinical Mindfulness Teacher, Personal Development Coach and practitioner across five holistic therapies.She has a diploma in Forest Bathing-Shinrin Yoku which enhances her work in Ecotherapy.
Aside from her Wellbeing Practice, she is an experienced hiker and group leader, partnering up with her husband at Experience Nature Tours www.experiencenature.co.uk

I love to get  ‘outdoors’ all year round, whether that’s simply in my garden or out walking with my camera in green spaces. Being close to wildlife and taking the time to observe it, still fascinates me…nature is amazing!

Wellbeing Through Nature is where nature and holistic therapies powerfully meet, to support modern day stresses and strains. Offered through a variety of workshops, guided walks and of course Retreats.

 We also offer talks for groups and related articles or ask us about doing a bespoke article for your publication.

Wendy has been a fantastic coach, helping me in many positive ways. Her constant encouragement and positive persona has really helped me to regain my passion and enthusiasm, which has been lost these last few years in my current work.

I feel I have accomplished so much more than I would have on my own. Now I have these skills in place I feel much more confident to continue and focus on my career. I’m extremely appreciative of Wendy’s  help and inspiration. I take away with me confidence and optimism for the future.  

Creative Writer, South East

Trained, qualified & supported by
  Personal Development Coach
  Mindfulness Teacher 
  MindfulnessNow Programme- Approved by British Psychological Society and recommended by NICE. 
   Professional Member of The Centre for Mindful Eating
Tai Chi Qigong Rehabilitation Teacher
 NLP Practitioner- approved by ABNLP
Practitioner of Time Line Therapy Association
    Shinrin Yoku-Forest Bathing Diploma 
  Protective Behaviours Practitioner-Feeling Safe Foundation