Packages & Important Stuff


  • Please get in touch for a free, no obligation enquiry either via phone/email
  • Coaching/ Mindfulness 1-1s start with one longer session called an intake or assessment session that can last 1.5-2hrs. The length of each coaching or mindfulness sessions thereafter will be 45mins-1hr or as agreed.
  • For Business, group and workshop timings, these will be agreed per contract
Check out where we coach (this can be flexible, online, in or outdoors, and discussed in the intake session) We have a choice of where we can work to cater for busy lives and accessibility.


Transparency-There are no hidden costs, we will discuss what packages are available, prior to working with you.  

We offer coaching Fast Track and MOT sessions which are suitable for clients who have completed an initial session and where both Client and Coach agree Fast Track is suitable for their needs.
MOT is a Refresher/Booster session for clients who have previously had Coaching or Mindfulness sessions @ coachgenie and want to retain regular maintenance.
Mindful Eating programme is offered 1-1. Contact us to learn more about our programme and wellbeing coaching 
Mindfulness Now-8 week Programme (1-1 or group session-max 12 persons)  
This programme can be arranged for your group or workplace. If you would like to learn more please get in touch for an informal discussion.

Confidentiality - It's very important to us!

Confidentiality is key in our work and is written in our code of ethics, shared in all intake sessions. So whether you are working with us from a personal perspective or from a workplace/education setting, confidentiality will be at the heart of our working partnership.

Data Protection - Your information is safe with us!

Any information we hold on our clients is kept totally secure and never shared with a third party.

Other Costs To Be Considered

Mileage/travel if applicable will be looked at per booking and costed accordingly, prior to final agreement. As we always remain transparent in our costings, this will be determined in our initial discussion…so no hidden costs.
Bespoke projects or research work will be looked at per contract and costed accordingly (based on an hourly rate) prior to final agreement (applicable to business or group work) As we always remain transparent in our costings, this will be determined in our initial discussion…so no hidden costs