Two simple tips for success!


As a Coach and Mentor , I hear success described and measured in many ways, often its assumed we gravitate only towards extrinsic rewards such as financial to be our benchmark for  success and whilst that can be OK,  its short lived if the ‘internal emotions’ are not in sync. Our inner desires, motivators, drivers for personal satisfaction are the leaders to making success happen and that overwhelming emotion of personal accomplishment, achieved from hard slog can’t be bought.

Success for me is all about being totally honest with myself and achieving the goals that really mean something for me, in my world…and these take me to ‘a place’ of fulfilment and happiness.  I’m also lucky that I do a job that offers that  same thrill of accomplishment when one of my clients get that’s amazing lightbulb moment or realises their goal through my support… truly fulfilling!

Two key tips for success in 2018

  • Always be totally honest with yourself that this goal is owned by you and not what someone else wants or expects of you. You should feel passionate and 100% committed to ensure you retain resilience and confidence on what could be a long journey of self-development, but Oh, so worth the mileage!
  • Success can be all consuming. Remember why you are driving yourself so hard and be aware of your Wellbeing. No success is worth the price of your mental and physical health. Sometimes the smallest achievement can give the greatest satisfactions  , so don’t always think big is best!