‘ME TIME ‘…make sure you get it


As a Coach and Mentor, I’m encouraged when clients say they have New Year resolutions, as they are simply a means of setting strategies, action plans, goals for life…whatever you want to call it, its good news! However the down fall of a New Year resolutions and why they often never run to fruition is a lack of planning put in place to motivate and keep the goal ‘alive’, whilst retaining wellbeing-mind ,body and soul…and of course its only once a year 🙂

I often hear about the usual resolutions regarding diets, improving fitness, or making more money, but what about our wellbeing!! It’s something that most people take for granted until it becomes an issue either physically or mentally. We live in a fast moving world and are expected to keep up,  adding to the pressures of very little down time or a feeling of guilt to have time-out.

So here are a few tips to ensure that ‘me’ time becomes part of your strategy for life, to keep  you strong, resilient and happier…isn’t that what life should be about?!

  • What do you like to do that makes you happy? It could be listening to your favourite music, going for a walk, reading a book. It doesn’t matter what it is, just plan the time out every week or as often as you can, even if it means getting up an hour earlier- Lock that time in for you and allow yourself some self-indulgent ‘happy’ time.
  • Make sure everyone in your life equation knows that you have locked- in time for you and when it is happening i.e. time/dates…no phones calls/texts, distractions, no emails, social visits etc. Be strong, this time is for you…AND DON’T FEEL GUILTY!
  • Talk to those around you that form part of your support and trusted network i.e. close family members, friends, good neighbours. They may not realise that you need time out if you’re always running at 100 miles an hour with a smile. You may be the one helping them out…let them return the favour if possible.
  • Learn to say NO. It is often the hardest thing to do for most people. Whether its at work, home, family, friends…we struggle to say NO even if it’s not realistic for us. If it’s not realistic or something that will add to your time pressure: take a moment before answering-think before you speak ,or say you will think about it to allow yourself to truly look at your calendar. If you know it’s not realist just say it’s not possible this time…be honest with yourself.

Remember, allowing yourself more ‘me’ time to improve wellbeing, happiness and possibly more energy to take on daily challenges ,will be a win, win for everyone around you. So what are you waiting for ,start planning your life!

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