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My exciting news this month is I have a sparkling new website on its way 🙂


For most business entrepreneurs, their website is an important factor for their business as it represents who/what/ how…with so many new developments at we thought it deserved a new look to reflect all the new services we can now provide for individuals and businesses alike.

We will have an informative quarterly newsletter with a strong focus on Wellbeing which is always at the heart of our work and of course is now high profile in media and business settings. If you want to sign up early please send me a message via the contact page on this website.

Look forward to sharing all our new ‘stuff’ with you soon 🙂







Professional coaching supports someone to bridge the gap between where they are now, to where they would like to be, far more effectively than if they worked alone.

Coaching offers skills for personal development and to enable a resilience for lifes challenges.

Working with Wendy helped me become aware of certain beliefs that had been getting in the way of success. Her calm persona makes it easy to be open about personal thoughts and feelings. I have seen great results already!

International Events Manager, Surrey

Why use a coach instead of a friend or colleague to support you to reach a goal?
  • A coach is trained to really listen to you without interpretation, interruption or judgement allowing you to be your true self and unravel your thoughts in a safe space.
  • A coach will have professional techniques to unpick and unfold what inhibits you or has stopped you getting from A-B so far ,creating opportunity for new solutions.
  • They will be a professional sound board that is confidential and non judgemental. A coach works with YOU…not you as mom or a job title or anything else that maybe has become a label…authentic you!
  • Your goal may have had some longevity in your head. This will have  created emotions and frustrations. Coaching offers the funnel to sift through to the reality and bring back the mojo for your goal.
  • A Coach will make you accountable and challenge you along the journey,  key elements to your coaching relationship.
We understand that people and their aspirations are unique. As your coach, we will work alongside you to offer a supportive and motivated journey to get you to your chosen destination.
  • We use skilled and powerful questioning techniques so you will be clear on what you truly desire and who you are at the core
  • We will assist you  to create practical, realistic and motivational step-by-step action plans to reach your goals
  • We will provide support through any changes or obstacles that may be encountered during our coaching relationship
  • We create tools, techniques and strategies for you to make lasting change and success…lifelong skills!

‘If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten’   Tony Robbins

Contact us for an informal chat to learn about coaching for you.

What we can support through coaching 

  • Confidence at work and/or social space
  • Weight, Health & Wellbeing
  • Career development or transition into Retirement
  • Self-management of life long condition
  • Financial de-clutter
  • Space de-clutter
  • If you are exploring options for Stress Management please see our page on Mindfulness.
Coaching can be achieved anywhere to suit lifestyles and location. We offer online facility such as FaceTime/Skype and face to face meetings.
We also offer Walk and Talk Coaching. These sessions offer an opportunity to create and think clearly away from modern day distractions and can add energy and focus.

Research shows that being outside in nature boosts wellbeing for up to 4 hours after, so win, win!


Mindfulness is paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and non judgmentally. Jon KabatZinn

Our minds are our HUB, our steer for all that we do and feel , and yet it is often the last part of our body that we take care of…always assuming it will ride out any storm that hits!  Taking steps to develop skills to support mental wellbeing against life’s unpredictability is a wise choice indeed.
Mindfulness isn’t fluffy or mysterious, but it does take practice. It has been developed through research, using centuries old practice blended with modern day techniques including Mindfulness based Stress Reduction and Cognitive Therapies, accredited by The British Psychological Society and recommended by NICE.
Rigorous medical studies on the practice of Mindfulness including MBSR and MBCT, have now proven to assist in stress reduction, depression and anxiety as well as many other areas of mental wellbeing. It has also been noted to assist with clarity and focus, enhanced creativity, improved quality of sleep, pain reduction, memory enhancement.
In mindfulness we create personal awareness for ‘what’s going on with me right now’. This barometer lets us know when our body or mind is NOT OK, preventing burnout and other issues escalating or relapsing. Slowing down and taking notice of how we feel physically and mentally, allows us to tune in honestly with ourselves.
Learning to switch down a gear and ‘take a moment’ means we are not focused on past or future events, just the here and now which allows us to experience a richer, more vibrant and peaceful living.
Wendy is a qualified Mindfulness Teacher and offers the Mindfulness Now eight week programme. She also offers workshops, walks and retreats.


Tai Chi Qigong  ‘breath movement’ is a form of martial art that offers physical and mental wellbeing benefits that are accessible whatever your ability or age.

Why do our Tai Chi Qigong?
  • It is designed through proven medical research studies to enhance overall wellbeing including pain and stress relief.
  • It creates body strength, alignment, flexibility, stability, circulation and co-ordination.
  • It enhances mental focus, resilience and relaxation.
  • Through the gentle movement and breath sequences, it is by nature a slowing down of mind and body. This has shown to support depression and anxiety as well as stress reduction
  • We are accredited by CIMSPA
  • We offer an onsite service and open access sessions for individuals
  • We offer 1-1 sessions as well as group settings for wellbeing and rehabilitation

Our Rehabilitation programme supports Falls Prevention, Cardiac Rehab-phase lll & lV, COPD and those living with life long conditions such as diabetes T1 and T2 and MS.
Two individual studies achieved in 2008, published in The British Journal of Sports medicine showed the benefits of Tai Chi for those living with T2 diabetes. Studies showed that blood glucose levels were lowered and it  boosted cells and chemicals that are key to a healthy immune response. 

The beauty of our Qigong is it can be tailored for the audiences needs by our professional teacher. We work with you to provide a suitable and enjoyable session.    

Please contact us for more information on how we can work with you

Do you really want to improve your Wellbeing?

My Plan

When we think of bad health habits, do we assume it’s intentional… poor diet, lack of exercise, the list is extensive but in general, not looking after ourselves. However many things can contribute to why and how we develop these habits and are often more  psychologically deep rooted than we ourselves first realise and may require some professional support.

Certain habits can be simply poor time planning and quicker to resolve, such as not drinking enough water, not getting enough exercise-sedentary or skipping breakfast …these can all be dealt with through setting a Goal with an Action Plan, but you must really want to do this for yourself.

The act of putting pen to paper (or electronically) and seeing a goal in all its glory can be cathartic and visualisation is powerful! When we see our goal written or drawn (whatever works for you) it becomes REAL and no longer a dream…move forward and conquer. You will love yourself for it 🙂

As a professional Coach and Mentor I often hear clients say they haven’t got enough time to achieve being healthy or improve Wellbeing , so we develop a strategy for making that time… And that’s an action plan! pexels-photo-859933

We all lead busy lives whether that’s due to work or family commitments or just not good at managing personal time. So here are a few tips to ensure you set an action plan that you can stick to and find the time to achieve it.

  • Know all about your goal, get to know it as your buddy. How to achieve it, where to get advice, support, gather together the information for your plan of action … knowledge is strength!   
  • Always be totally honest with yourself that this goal is owned by you and not what someone else wants or expects of you. You should feel passionate and 100% committed to ensure you retain resilience and confidence on what could be a long journey of self-development, but Oh so worth the mileage!
  • Set the goal into an action plan with times and dates of when you will follow it through, such as exercise –Monday 22nd Jan 2018 , 9 a.m. walk 2 mile circuit from home. Wednesday 24th Jan 2018 11 a.m. cycling club 10 mile circuit from club etc. The success is in the detail!
  • Make sure everyone in your life equation knows that you have your action plan and when it is happening i.e. time/dates…this reduces distractions, barriers and blockers. Be strong, this goal is for you!
  • Talk to those around you that form part of your support and trusted network i.e. close family members, friends, good neighbours. They may not realise that you have your goal and action plan but will support you if you need it.
  • For when that moment of doubt seeps in to railroad you and drag you off track…learn to say NO to yourself and others who want to lead you astray…remember , be honest with yourself and stick to the action plan, the reward will be in its success!
  • censorship-limitations-freedom-of-expression-restricted-39584If time is a real issue or barrier for success , look at how your time is currently spent and if it’s used wisely. Where could you gain some back?  Research shows that our phones/tablets and social media are time suckers. Learn to switch off for at least a couple of hours morning and at night and get your personal time back for you.
  • …and finally if all else fails get up an hour earlier on the days you wish to do your action plan, but focus only on your goal…you will be surprised with what you can achieve.

Want to learn more about health habits or how to get rid of them? contact me at

‘ME TIME ‘…make sure you get it


As a Coach and Mentor, I’m encouraged when clients say they have New Year resolutions, as they are simply a means of setting strategies, action plans, goals for life…whatever you want to call it, its good news! However the down fall of a New Year resolutions and why they often never run to fruition is a lack of planning put in place to motivate and keep the goal ‘alive’, whilst retaining wellbeing-mind ,body and soul…and of course its only once a year 🙂

I often hear about the usual resolutions regarding diets, improving fitness, or making more money, but what about our wellbeing!! It’s something that most people take for granted until it becomes an issue either physically or mentally. We live in a fast moving world and are expected to keep up,  adding to the pressures of very little down time or a feeling of guilt to have time-out.

So here are a few tips to ensure that ‘me’ time becomes part of your strategy for life, to keep  you strong, resilient and happier…isn’t that what life should be about?!

  • What do you like to do that makes you happy? It could be listening to your favourite music, going for a walk, reading a book. It doesn’t matter what it is, just plan the time out every week or as often as you can, even if it means getting up an hour earlier- Lock that time in for you and allow yourself some self-indulgent ‘happy’ time.
  • Make sure everyone in your life equation knows that you have locked- in time for you and when it is happening i.e. time/dates…no phones calls/texts, distractions, no emails, social visits etc. Be strong, this time is for you…AND DON’T FEEL GUILTY!
  • Talk to those around you that form part of your support and trusted network i.e. close family members, friends, good neighbours. They may not realise that you need time out if you’re always running at 100 miles an hour with a smile. You may be the one helping them out…let them return the favour if possible.
  • Learn to say NO. It is often the hardest thing to do for most people. Whether its at work, home, family, friends…we struggle to say NO even if it’s not realistic for us. If it’s not realistic or something that will add to your time pressure: take a moment before answering-think before you speak ,or say you will think about it to allow yourself to truly look at your calendar. If you know it’s not realist just say it’s not possible this time…be honest with yourself.

Remember, allowing yourself more ‘me’ time to improve wellbeing, happiness and possibly more energy to take on daily challenges ,will be a win, win for everyone around you. So what are you waiting for ,start planning your life!

Want more information , contact me at


Two simple tips for success!


As a Coach and Mentor , I hear success described and measured in many ways, often its assumed we gravitate only towards extrinsic rewards such as financial to be our benchmark for  success and whilst that can be OK,  its short lived if the ‘internal emotions’ are not in sync. Our inner desires, motivators, drivers for personal satisfaction are the leaders to making success happen and that overwhelming emotion of personal accomplishment, achieved from hard slog can’t be bought.

Success for me is all about being totally honest with myself and achieving the goals that really mean something for me, in my world…and these take me to ‘a place’ of fulfilment and happiness.  I’m also lucky that I do a job that offers that  same thrill of accomplishment when one of my clients get that’s amazing lightbulb moment or realises their goal through my support… truly fulfilling!

Two key tips for success in 2018

  • Always be totally honest with yourself that this goal is owned by you and not what someone else wants or expects of you. You should feel passionate and 100% committed to ensure you retain resilience and confidence on what could be a long journey of self-development, but Oh, so worth the mileage!
  • Success can be all consuming. Remember why you are driving yourself so hard and be aware of your Wellbeing. No success is worth the price of your mental and physical health. Sometimes the smallest achievement can give the greatest satisfactions  , so don’t always think big is best!



Genie Blogs…Groundhog Day!

 ‘Groundhog Day… déjà vu? ‘ groundhog

Did you know? Groundhog Day was originally an American tradition to predict springtime… the Groundhog sometimes known as Whistlepig, wakes from hibernation on February 2nd . If he sees his shadow when leaving the burrow there will be six more weeks of winter, however if there is no shadow, spring is around the corner!

No groundhogs here but 20th March is officially springtime! Brighter, warmer and longer days , a sense of ‘newness’ as the outside world regenerates and often a time for us to embrace some changes ourselves.

Learn how to stop Groundhogging? Spring clean  So with Spring in mind…Groundhog Day!? Do you feel your life is time-looping… not many of us live like Bill Murray in the film Groundhog Day, but being caught up doing the same repetitive actions can cause our wellbeing to plummet.

Do you start a new day with energetic intentions, goals abundant, buzzing with ideas, and then in a moment of distraction or weakness you tell yourself  I WILL DO THIS, WHEN I have more time.. more money… more ‘headspace’…and then your ‘groundhogging’ all over again.

So how do we stop the time- loop?

‘If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten’   Tony Robbins

Starting is the key Incorporate some simple steps to banish the ‘Whistlepigs’ in your life

  1. Embrace the ‘now’…take control. Write down on paper your wish…the GOAL that’s a priority for you! Note: don’t use electronics as it doesn’t have the same liberating effect as pen and paper.

Ask yourself…keep calm pic

  • Why it’s important to you
  • What’s your commitment to achieve
  • What benefits you will gain
  • When are you going to achieve it (time and date)
  • What steps do you need to get from A (now) to B (achieved)
  • What’s your strategy for the ‘blockers and stoppers’ whether that’s people in your life or barriers you use.


  1. Don’t be afraid of failure- get started!…there’s no such thing as failure, only development… stay focused on your goals daily, tenacity will succeed . As Thomas Edison said ‘I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work’.

sun pic

  1. Checkout your mindset… Be happy. Some call it positive mindset… it’s simple but may require focus. Wake each day and think of the good and positive things you have, do and have accomplished. They don’t need to be grand things, just special for you. It’s infectious too- have you ever been in the company of a really upbeat person and started to feel good yourself … spread the happiness!


  1. Beware of ‘crabs in the bucket’ Be confident about your choices, don’t be dissuaded by others, however good their intention. Have you been privy to the ‘crab in the bucket’ scenario?- Someone has a goal (symbolically climbing out of the bucket) however those close to them offer reasons not to do it, albeit good intention (Pulling them back in the bucket). Stay strong and you will get out of the bucket!


  1. Live life as your ‘Authentic self ‘ It’s easy to become unfulfilled, even unhappy by not living our own dreams or values, swept through life via others expectations or vision of their perfect life. Be true to yourself. Like what you like, do the things that make you buzz and be around those that make you happy.

Don’t let Groundhog Day bite at your heals! Leap forward into Spring and see where the journey takes you!

Want some help to get rid of your whistlepigs?  Contact us






Genie Blogs… A New Day in a New Year!

dorset-15It struck me that whilst many of us wait until the 1st January to set ourselves THE BIG challenge for the year, we really do this most days. Each day when we wake there’s a list of ‘to do’s’ running through our heads…often unachievable challenges in the time frame we allow. So why take on more challenge if our heads are already full of clutter??!

Its suggested that we set the ultimate New Year goal as a way of creating our dream  wish for the year ahead, a blank page, kissing goodbye to all the pitfalls and things that didn’t get ‘fixed’… and we are enthusiastic and excited to plan and initiate this new challenge beyond anything we may have thought about in months gone by… with energy, reignited with rocket fuel!

So what would it feel like if we could see every day as a new day in a new year…giving it all that energy and enthusiasm, realising the potential that day could bring, the blank chapter ahead to create a beautiful story…because it really is that simple.

Creating a New Year’s Resolution, for most, simply means they have stood back for a moment, allowing them time to reflect on life, emotion and wellbeing and simply thinking what do I want that’s better for me…

We can all have a new day in a new year to change the course of our future, but not just on 1st January… a whopping 365 days of the year!! What could you achieve now?

Tomorrow is a NEW DAY 🙂