Do you really want to improve your Wellbeing?

My Plan

When we think of bad health habits, do we assume it’s intentional… poor diet, lack of exercise, the list is extensive but in general, not looking after ourselves. However many things can contribute to why and how we develop these habits and are often more  psychologically deep rooted than we ourselves first realise and may require some professional support.

Certain habits can be simply poor time planning and quicker to resolve, such as not drinking enough water, not getting enough exercise-sedentary or skipping breakfast …these can all be dealt with through setting a Goal with an Action Plan, but you must really want to do this for yourself.

The act of putting pen to paper (or electronically) and seeing a goal in all its glory can be cathartic and visualisation is powerful! When we see our goal written or drawn (whatever works for you) it becomes REAL and no longer a dream…move forward and conquer. You will love yourself for it 🙂

As a professional Coach and Mentor I often hear clients say they haven’t got enough time to achieve being healthy or improve Wellbeing , so we develop a strategy for making that time… And that’s an action plan! pexels-photo-859933

We all lead busy lives whether that’s due to work or family commitments or just not good at managing personal time. So here are a few tips to ensure you set an action plan that you can stick to and find the time to achieve it.

  • Know all about your goal, get to know it as your buddy. How to achieve it, where to get advice, support, gather together the information for your plan of action … knowledge is strength!   
  • Always be totally honest with yourself that this goal is owned by you and not what someone else wants or expects of you. You should feel passionate and 100% committed to ensure you retain resilience and confidence on what could be a long journey of self-development, but Oh so worth the mileage!
  • Set the goal into an action plan with times and dates of when you will follow it through, such as exercise –Monday 22nd Jan 2018 , 9 a.m. walk 2 mile circuit from home. Wednesday 24th Jan 2018 11 a.m. cycling club 10 mile circuit from club etc. The success is in the detail!
  • Make sure everyone in your life equation knows that you have your action plan and when it is happening i.e. time/dates…this reduces distractions, barriers and blockers. Be strong, this goal is for you!
  • Talk to those around you that form part of your support and trusted network i.e. close family members, friends, good neighbours. They may not realise that you have your goal and action plan but will support you if you need it.
  • For when that moment of doubt seeps in to railroad you and drag you off track…learn to say NO to yourself and others who want to lead you astray…remember , be honest with yourself and stick to the action plan, the reward will be in its success!
  • censorship-limitations-freedom-of-expression-restricted-39584If time is a real issue or barrier for success , look at how your time is currently spent and if it’s used wisely. Where could you gain some back?  Research shows that our phones/tablets and social media are time suckers. Learn to switch off for at least a couple of hours morning and at night and get your personal time back for you.
  • …and finally if all else fails get up an hour earlier on the days you wish to do your action plan, but focus only on your goal…you will be surprised with what you can achieve.

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