The Mindful Child Programme

We are very excited to be launching these wonderful programmes. An engaging and fun learning journey, providing life skills to manage the challenges of growing up and beyond!
A four-week programme suitable for 3-6 year olds, a six-week programme for 7-11 year olds and a further six-week programme for 11-16 year olds.
Contact us for an informal discussion to learn more about them.
We also offer Mindful programmes for Colleges, Traineeship and Apprenticeship Schemes.


50% of mental health problems are established by age 14 and 75% by age 24.

10% of children and young people (aged 5-16 years) have a clinically
diagnosable mental problem (Office for National Statistics), yet 70% of
children and adolescents who experience mental health problems have not had appropriate interventions at a sufficiently early age (Children’s Society).

We will be sharing more information in this space over the coming weeks or please feel free to get in touch

What’s your relationship with food?

Has it ever crossed your mind or is it always on your mind? Maybe lockdown has changed how you now eat…working from home, changing shift patterns, furloughed, redundancy?

Eating is one of our most basic needs, it fuels, nurtures, restores and for many of us, it brings huge pleasure and rightly so.
However, for some food can be a crutch or beating stick for emotional turbulence through to a seriously life threatening experience, impacting on emotional and physical wellbeing and greatly narrowing the capacity to live a fulfilling life.
Largely, our food relationships develop during childhood, however many things alter this from lifestyle, hormones, health-mental and physical, plus our tastes often change i.e. we may develop a taste for saltier rather than sweet or vice versa.
Alongside taste, we all have an ability to recognise appropriate intake for our bodies function…so this may be where things get trickier as life can impact our natural ability to understand or attune to our body’s simple needs.
Studies show that the growing volume of diets and health food information often cause overwhelm, confusion and generate food relationship and body image anxieties. The ‘quick fix’ diets sit along the fast pace of living that we have grown accustom to or the ‘have it now’ lifestyle.

On average a UK woman spends £25k on dieting, attempts around 126 diets and uses approx. 3-6 years of time focussed on dieting, in their lifetime.

Do we already hold the answers within ourselves to manage our food relationships?

Yes! You know if you’re running on empty, if you’re truly hungry or thirsty, if you’re body or gut doesn’t feel good after eating or drinking something. Your mind and body is the barometer to your wellbeing, but sometimes through habit, stress, lifestyle, illness or trauma we disconnect from the signals and senses that we naturally have in place to find the best balance or solutions.
Learning to understand what makes you tick in relation to food is a long lasting approach to develop healthy eating and overall wellbeing. This can however feel like a scary or puzzling option for many, after all we’re programmed to believe that a structured generic diet plan is  the go-to approach, but as research figures show it is merely a temporary crutch.

How can you develop a better relationship… what makes you tick?

You are the expert, believe it or not! Learning to understand how and what makes you tick may take some professional support but the ability is already there. For many years Scientific/medical research studies into mindful eating has realised the impact of modern day living or trauma on our mental and physical wellbeing which in turn has had huge impact on our relationship with food, our disconnection with our body to know how it feels and what it needs.

So how can mindful eating support food relationships?

Mindfulness is an ability that we all have as humans, its an innate quality that we often need to develop to attune mind and body, something modern living has taken away.
Mindful eating is a journey to understand how you tick, offering professional skills and techniques that join up the dots between science, nutrition, eating behaviour and the body’s needs.
Scientific and psychological researched models and techniques for supporting  food relationships through Mindful eating practices have proven, effective steps alongside working with a professional Mindful Eating Coach for a non diet and natural approach to food relationships.

If you would like to learn more about how Mindful Eating may improve or support your food relationships, please contact or 07763 632176

New Beginnings or New Opportunity?

2020 has certainly been a notable year so far, but how will you remember it in years to come?

Whilst there is respect and understanding for all of the challenges and losses faced across the world to date, moving forward with new ideas developing, some say a new world emerging, is as inevitable as life is unpredictable. So, what does that mean for you?

Maybe you haven’t thought about it or maybe that is all you have thought about  during the past couple of months…Change often brings new beginnings and opportunity in many guises, though this can be hard to clarify or visualise especially in times of difficulty or hardship.

In Coaching we often use a technique sometimes referred to as the ‘rocking chair’ moment. A future point in life looking back over the years to what life could look like interwoven with hopes and dreams…an opportunity for taking stock to see are you creating a life, fulfilled?

This technique is certainly thought provoking for a life that is predictably unpredictable!  So, imagine you’re sat in your future rocking chair, right now, what would the life you wished for look like, feel like? Who would you be ? Is this reachable, doable…are you on the right path or feeling lost in the woods?

The changing times will create new beginnings and new opportunities; it’s the getting ‘change-ready’ that may take a little creative planning or soul searching.  A smidge of personal reflection and honesty will ensure the path you’re on is the right one for you! 

Explore Coaching or the ‘change-ready’ approach by contacting us today

2020…what will you be doing on the 10th January?

The launch of our Friday Afternoon Retreat is fast approaching…

This is quite a unique retreat…taking place in a private studio, set in beautiful rural landscape on the outskirts of Henley In Arden.

Small, bespoke and all things wellbeing to draw a line under the week and start the weekend feeling rested, recharged and ready to go…after all aren’t weekends there to be enjoyed full!?

Exciting Times…Retreat, Retreat!!!

We do Retreats in all shapes and sizes!

This year has seen many new opportunities and developments at in particular, our ‘Wellbeing Through Nature’ Retreats and programmes, which have blossomed.

May and September we had fun in the South of France at our Spring and Autumn Retreats. Our groups enjoyed the beautiful open natural spaces, Mindfulness in abundance- breath sessions,yoga movement and meditation, Tai Chi Qigong bringing in the start of each morning and re-wilding their senses in the nearby woodlands. Lots of fun and laughter and of course great food…our running theme as we are foodie lovers too!

Our latest Retreat….SEPT 11th 2020… Join us for 7 nights in the SOUTH WEST PORTUGAL! learn all about it in our next blog…coming very soon 🙂

Working in partnership with Experience Nature Tours

Beautiful Lakeside setting
Mindfulness Yoga on the pontoon…amazing!

We know that its not always possible to jet off for a long weekend or week , so we have created hour long, half day & day retreats too.

Soon to launch on the 8th December…a Sunday Morning Retreat to recharge and restore, getting you ready for the week ahead. We start in the lovely Earlswood Village Hall… Tai Chi Qigong/Mindfulness, a cuppa and then out into the beauty of the Earlswood countryside for an optional local walk to blast those winter blues away!

NEW YEAR- January 2020 will be the launch of our Friday Afternoon Retreat in Henley In Arden at the wonderful, peaceful setting of Salveo studios…a bespoke Retreat, 75mins of pure relaxation for mind, body and soul…learn more as this unfolds over the next few weeks.

Whether you’re travelling alone, in a group of family or friends , or organising something for work…learn more about our Retreats by dropping us a line at or call 07763 632176

My ‘Wellbeing Through Nature’ article published…

Those that know me, appreciate how passionate I am about all things ‘flora and fauna, but especially how nature improves or enhances our mental wellbeing. I’ve been researching this for the past few years, taken part in it, and enjoy running various programmes and workshops on it. Sharing my professional knowledge and experience with individuals, groups and organisations to support their mental wellbeing and create awareness for the simply pleasure of nature…whatever the season is wonderful.

I was delighted to write an article on this topic to be published in the Birdwatchers Year book 2020, their 40th anniversary edition 🙂

Mindfulness through Nature Retreat…enjoy Spring or Autumn in the foothills of the French Pyrenees

If you love being outside with nature and are curious about Mindfulness and its wellbeing benefits, then this could be the perfect Retreat for you!

Our Mindfulness through Nature Retreat is something a little different and certainly unique with its offering. We blend professionally Mindfulness sessions with a perfect, tranquil  setting, luxurious , exclusive  accommodation, superb food  and company. A carefully crafted, 4 day, 3 night stay that oozes wellbeing, relaxation and of course laughter.

Everything is taken care of to provide a totally stress free stay, from the moment you are collected at the airport to when you are dropped back for your return, you can simple relax ,switch off, and  enjoy!

We have planned out a wonderful mix of Mindfulness sessions- indoors and out, to enjoy the full benefit of our glorious location, private grounds, lakeside views and woodlands. These sessions will explore the many wonders of mindfulness practice and there will be an information pack to take home. We also offer an optional coaching session for each person to explore if they wish.

In addition to our sessions there we will be local guided walks plus guided birdwatching by Experience Natures birding guru -Ashley Grove, to ensure we take full advantage of this rural setting.

Of course we could not bring you to this amazing part of the country, steeped in culture and wine history without taking you to experience an artisan winemaker at work. We have created a short afternoon’s delight in beautiful vineyards with our expert guide Wendy from Vin en Vacances.

So join us…all are welcome- single travellers, friends, couples…. If your partner, spouse, friend would like to join you at the retreat to simply enjoy the weekend, food and company without being involved in our sessions/activities, this is possible at a discounted rate.

What’s included:

-A mixture of eight Mindfulness sessions held mostly outdoors, bespoke to the requirements of each small group.

-Guided walks-woodland and lake

-Guided Birdwatching-identifing local birds and wildlife

-Exclusive and spacious accommodation for our small group, offering extensive private grounds and heating pool-Certificate of Excellence award 2018 (Trip Advisor) 

-Airport transfers to our accommodation

-Bespoke wine and history tour, incl. wine tasting

-Our own In- house cook, providing freshly made food (Breakfast, lunch and dinner) Soft drinks throughout @day

-Bikes available to use for local cycling

Spring (FULL) Autumn September 20th-23rd 2019

For our full itinerary please contact us at or if you would like more information please contact 07763 632176

Costs: £895 (flights not incl. approx £60 pp) Single Person supplement £175 may apply. Our special rate for those not attending sessions/guided walks (but joining  someone that is) £695 (flights not incl. approx £60pp)