Genie Blogs… A New Day in a New Year!

dorset-15It struck me that whilst many of us wait until the 1st January to set ourselves THE BIG challenge for the year, we really do this most days. Each day when we wake there’s a list of ‘to do’s’ running through our heads…often unachievable challenges in the time frame we allow. So why take on more challenge if our heads are already full of clutter??!

Its suggested that we set the ultimate New Year goal as a way of creating our dream  wish for the year ahead, a blank page, kissing goodbye to all the pitfalls and things that didn’t get ‘fixed’… and we are enthusiastic and excited to plan and initiate this new challenge beyond anything we may have thought about in months gone by… with energy, reignited with rocket fuel!

So what would it feel like if we could see every day as a new day in a new year…giving it all that energy and enthusiasm, realising the potential that day could bring, the blank chapter ahead to create a beautiful story…because it really is that simple.

Creating a New Year’s Resolution, for most, simply means they have stood back for a moment, allowing them time to reflect on life, emotion and wellbeing and simply thinking what do I want that’s better for me…

We can all have a new day in a new year to change the course of our future, but not just on 1st January… a whopping 365 days of the year!! What could you achieve now?

Tomorrow is a NEW DAY 🙂